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Our Services

At Mind.Body.1. we pride ourselves on being innovators and diligent in our duty to provide the best services and resources when it comes to mental performance.  Our ability to provide solutions to an array of problems has led us to work with top performers in sport, tactical populations, schools, corporations and health populations.  

We offer performance coaching and consulting services that can help you increaser productivity, manage stress and anxiety, improve your focus, be more creative and help you learn how to understand your brain so you can use it to execute more efficiently and consistently.  We provide these services directly 1 on 1 or through work shops and seminars.  If you are a practitioner in a related field we can also help you or your staff use our methods to provide your team and clients with better performance!

Outside of our performance coaching we provide on location training services that are more practical and involved more sport/task specific implications.  These session can involve a combination of physical activity, cognitive task and mental skills training.

Applied Psychology and Performance Coaching

1 on 1 Consults

20 Minutes- $175

45 Minutes- $290

1 Hour- $325



-6 Hours

-Multiple Topics Covered

-Practical Applications 


1 hour- $750 (specifc topic)

3 Hour- $1800 (two topics)

Business Consulting (Mental)


-6 Weeks

-Lifetime access to MB1 University

-1 One on One consult with 3 employees

-Diredct contact via private chat

Practical Training and Group Sessions

1 on 1 Session

1 Hour- $120/Per Session (min. 6)

Brain A.C.T.I.V.E.


-3 sessions/week

-Baseline Assessment

-Access to Pocket Thoughts 

GYM-R Kids


-2 Sessions/week

-Baseline Assessment


1 Hour- $95/Per Session (min. 6)

Diamond Mind


-2 Sessions/week

-Baseline Assessment

-Access to Pocket Thoughts

What Our Clients Say


Dustin Poirier, Top UFC Contender

“I believe my peripheral vision has improved, and it’s also helped me stay calm under pressure while trying to figure things out,”  “It’s important for athletes to stay on the lookout for new recovery or training methods. At the top level everyone is so good, and any edge in competition is huge.”

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