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We saw that there were gaps in how people approached enhancing mental performance, so we decided bring you the tools that we use to work with the best in the world! 

NOTICE: Once you're enrolled in Mind.Body.1. University, a Mind.Body.1. representative  will contact you for on boarding.


For over a decade I have made it my mission to find the best solutions to approach mental performance.  I have put in tens of thousands of hours towards perfecting my craft.  During this time I gained experience as a strength coach, neurofeedback technician, applied psychologist and business consultant.  This has lead to a career as a college professor, researcher and entrepreneur.  I have collectively trained and/or taught thousands of people in all types of demographics.  Which has led to....

A multidisciplinary method that borrows what we have found to be the most effective parts of numerous fields of psychology, neuroscience, education, motor learning, exercise science and health. 


The goal of MB1 university is to provide practitioners with the skills they need to not only provide their clientele with the best services, but also build their business with the right tools to grow and thrive!  Being a great practitioner takes more than hard work or excellent knowledge of your subject matter.  You need to be efficient and you need to stand out amongst the masses.


I have completed a bachelors, masters and a decent portion of a doctorate in the brain and behavior sciences.  Outside of my education I have done numerous internships and learned under some of the best and brightest minds.  I want to streamline nearly two decades of higher education and hundreds of thousands of dollars that we will be condensed in a practical and digestible manner, which has been taught at the college level for the last four years.

 The world's best athletes, organizations (military/law enforcement), businesses and academic institutions trust us and you should too!  We have all the tools necessary to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!



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We provide mental training programs that you can follow yourself or use with your clientele.

Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls


These call are set up so we can engage and answer any questions you may have.

MB1 University Courses


Get lifetime access to our Primary courses and any new updates we release in the future.


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Get access to our original MB1 tools and equipment.

Video Database

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You'll be able to access our video library for training instruction as well as drill videos.

One on One Consults

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You'll receive 2-1 hour consults to directly assist you.


These are on-demand work at your own pace courses that include video lectures, practical exercises, templates, and instructional video.  It also includes bi-weekly zoom calls to allow you to get real time feedback and chances to ask questions.

You will access to all this content for life as well as any future updates.

Heres an overview of the concepts you'll learn in Mind.Body.1. University

Foundational Psychology

Learn How to Use Personality Assessments

Our GYM-R Model

Practical Programming

Our Mental Assessments

Motivational Interviewing

Practical Uses of Neuroscience

Public Speaking

Applied Psychological Interventions

Choosing the Best Tools and Technology

Applying Mental Performance in Fitness

Physiology of Mental Toughness

Special Topics in Brain and Behavior Science

Content Creation

Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

Creative Approaches to Task Building


We want you to get peek into one of our lessons so you can get some general information of what you can find in our course.


This lesson goes over the six components of our GYM-R model of mental performance.

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