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Mind.Body.1. GYM-R Starter Pack


$199 +

Shipping & Handling

(Contact for quotes on multiple packages)

Been wanting to train your mental game?  Well here you have access to the tools that top athletes, military/law enforcfement, schools and fitness enthusiasts use to get their Cognitve Conditioning!  Training the brain has never been done before in such an innoative way that the exercise makes you think.  Don't wait and Get Your Mind Right!

Package includes

-Nylon Carrying Bag

-1 Mind.Body.1. Grid

-1 Color Box

-2 Concentration Sticks

-5 Colored Cones (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange

-PDF with Instructional Manual and dozens of videos!

MB1 Grid.png
MB1 SP copy.png
Colored Cones copy.png
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