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Mastering Mental Toughness


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This 8-module course explores the different dimensions of mental toughness.  This trait is the foundation of achieving goals, keeping focus, adapting to adversity and executing consistent performance! The course is brought to you by Nicholas Davenport, founder of Mind.Body.1. a brand who's methods have been used to improve the performance of world class athletes, the U.S. Military, corporations, schools and many other demographics.  We have developed innovative approaches to target multiple dimensions of mental performance.  This course will build up to not only take you to new levels but have a solid foundation to become mentally tougher and reach your peak!  

8 Modules with video lectures, activities and review notes

We combine evidence based concepts with practical methods that have been used in real life!  It's like getting a college level class but it's made so you can make sense of the material and apply it to your own endeavors. 

A training plan with effective task to improve your mental toughness 

This program will provide a systematic way for you to train. your mental toughness in the same manner you would train to run a marathon or building muscle.  These skills must be practiced and you will get a 4-week plan to do so.

Interact with others with our online community

We all have struggles, worries or topics we have difficulties with.  In our community you can discuss the things you do to overcome.  Having a social network can greatly benefit building mental toughness.


Nicholas A. Davenport is an applied psychologist, researcher, mental coach and former college professor who has consulted and taught thousands of students, athletes, police, health professionals and military personnel. His work involves enhancing performance through understanding personality, cognitive ability, physical performance and stress management.  He has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sport, NBC and many other media outlets. 

I believe these methods have help me improve and stay calm under pressure while trying to figure things out,”  

-Dustin Poirier

Top UFC Contender

Why Learn About Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a catch-all term that usually gets seen as an all or nothing trait.  The old saying "You either got it or you don't" usually comes to most people's mind when talking about mental toughness.  However, we now know that it isn't just a finite skill and it is made of a multitude of different concepts.

Everyday you have deadlines, changes of plans, goals to meet, people to fulfill and all of it is predicated on how well you perform.  Your performance can be influenced by physical, psychological, financial and social stressors just to name a few.  

The people who understand these concepts don't necessarily receive more success, but rather have the ability to endure struggles, find motivation and interpret challenges as a way to over come rather than fail.  This lays the foundation to deal with things such as anxiety, failure, physical fitness, focus, motivation and confidence.

If you understand the foundations of mental toughness and how to interpret what it takes to manage stress, emotions and consistently perform under all kinds of conditions, you will have a better chance to utilize it in your daily life. 

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone who has ever wondered how they can react better to adversity or deal with stress in an efficient manner can benefit from this course. 

This course includes strategies and activities to help you practice skills and identify the personality traits that are shared by individuals who can look at an obstacle and charge at it head first with a plan!


How This Course Will Help You!

Define What Mental Toughness Is 

Learn How to Shift Your Thinking

Adjust Better to Negative Emotion

Understand The Social Aspects of Mental Toughness

How to Assess Mental Toughness

Use The Science of Stress To Better Manage It

 Learn Applied Psychological Interventions

Use Process Goals to Follow Through With Your Endeavors

Improve Your Physical Toughness

What Personality Traits Can Influence Your Decisions

Say The Things Mentally Tough People Say

Improve Your Focus and Confidence

Our overall mission is to strive for you to perform to your highest ability regardless of levels of stress, lack of resources or preparedness through heightened cognitive, psychological and physical performance.

-Nicholas A. Davenport

Course Curriculum



Module 1: What is Mental Toughness

This module will discuss not only the general definition of mental toughness but other aspects to take in consideration.  You will learn common misconceptions, cognitive biases that influence our behavior and a checklist of how to improve mental toughness immediately.



Module 2: Measuring Mental Toughness

Just like personality traits, we can also quantify mental toughness.  This module aims to break down the specific components that make up mental toughness, what they mean and how to spot them in yourself and others. 



Module 3: Advantages of Stress

There's a huge misconception on stress.  It is scene as a negative aspect of life.  In this module you will learn the mechanisms of stress, how it affects us and how to use it in a productive manner to enhance your performance and build mental toughness.


Module 4: The Physical Aspects of Toughness

It was once common to directly associate physical toughness to mental toughness. People thought if you could endure a lot of physical pain you were "mentally tough".  While we now know that there is a correlation on how physical performance can affect the mental, this section will cover the best way to utilize it safely and effectively.


Module 5: Mental Skills Training

The applied psychology field was designed to take theories and out them into practical usage.  These techniques and interventions will supply you with the tool set to reframe your thoughts, improve your focus, build confidence and be consistent with your goals.




Module 6: Personality Traits of Peak Performance

The Big-5 personality test helps us explain human behavior and it's affect on life.  These personality traits have an influence on mental toughness.  This module will teach what traits directly correlate to building confidence, consistency, and managing stress. Once you know these concepts you will have a better vision of what a mentally tough person looks lilke.



Module 7: Mental Flexibility

The cognitive component is often overlooked when it comes to mental toughness.  This involves how the brain processes information and how it influences behaviors.  Whether it be physical, psychological or emotional, it will involve executive functioning.



Module 8: Mental Toughness Training Plan

This plan is a 4-week program that will allow you to build the skills needed to improve your mental toughness through structured protocols that include hands-on task, routines, performance enhancement tools and physical exercises.

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