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Do you have the

"Main Event MindSet"

Is Your MindSet Ready for the Main Event?

Physical ability sets the stage for performance excellence but research and practical application has shown that your mental capabilities are just as important!  We have prepared numerous MMA fighters for main event fights in the UFC, Bellator and KSW.  Our client list includes fighters such as Dustin Poirier, Junior Dos Santos, Scott Askham and Viktor Pesta.  We have also consulted for numerous others such as Kelvin Gastelum and Demetrious Johnson.  This digital training program will give you the same methods we use for them but for less cost and with items you can easily access.  With this program look to have the Main Event MindSet!

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Learn how to:

-React quicker and efficiently

-Get your body to physically relax on your cues

-Make quicker decisions

-Think better under pressure

-Perform well in practice and in the actual performance

-Build an impenetrable mindset

-Physically execute and coordinate your motor movements

-Build confidence in your abilities even in tough situations

and many more!

This Program is a digital download that will include:

-Instructional Videos

-Workbook lessons/activities

-Downloadable tools you can print out for use

-Drills that can be played and followed along on your phone

-4 Week Program Template


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