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Cognitive Conditioning Coaching

"University of Hard Knocks"


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Week of September 9, 2019


Assessment 1:


Description:  There will be slides presented with red, yellow, blue and green boxes in each corner.  There will be an arrow pointing toward an adjacent box.  As the video progresses so will the pace of the arrows so keep up!  

Goal:  You are to count how many times you see the arrow point to a red box (this doesn't include if it's a red box with an arrow in it).  At the end of the video total how many red boxes you counted.

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Assessment 2:

Working Memory Spelling Bee

Description:  You will be shown 6 five letter words. Your goal is to order the spelling of each word alphabetically. you will be limited to do so in 30 seconds.  

Example:  BROWN    =    BNORW

Enter your answers in order below and submit once time expires.  Results will be emailed to you.

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