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This is a fitness program that also challenges the mind.  There’s an integration of exercises that are traditional as well as things that will make you react and make quick decisions so you’re building a healthy brain and body.


Q:  How many people are in the group session?
A:  We cap the group at six participants for effective training and a safe environment
Q:  How long is each session?
A:  Each session is roughly 45 mins-1 hour.  This is all dependent of the programming for the particular workout.  Our goal is quality sessions not just filling up a slot.
Q:  Is there a point to adding the mental aspect to the workout?
A:  Yes!  There is research on how the brain responds to dual tasking (doing more than one task at a time) and thinking while fatigued.  This aids in the brains ability to perceive pain and fatigue as well as stimulates the regions of the brain that requires decision making, problem solving, impulse control and emotional regulation.  

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