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The Thought Book is part non-fiction educational and part entertaining self help mixed in a storytelling workbook style writing.  This book teaches skills from psychology by using easy to understand lessons that will help you have a better mindset in everyday life, work, family, relationships and more.  The stories vary from some familiar names to others that you may not know.  So while you're learning of their stories you can use them to help you in your life.

 The P.L.A.Y. B.O.O.K. is an acronym represents how someone must forage to find their mental capabilities to facilitate any of the psychological and physical  traits that can get them to the level they wish to achieve. Simply put, once you learn your P.L.A.Y. B.O.O.K. (just like with the actual playbook for sports team) you will be able to execute better and efficiently.


The mental game is what sets the stage for you to physically perform. The P.L.A.Y. B.O.O.K. is an educational workbook to help people from all types of demographics to have all the mental tools they need.

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