Body Brain Training Combo Package

Set Includes the following two E-Books
Applying Strength and Conditioning Programming for General Fitness Populations By Phil Daru, CFSC, NSCA-KMS, FRCms, RPR, FMS 

Mind.Body.1. Cognitive Conditioning for Fitness by Nicholas Davenport, M.S.

Take your fitness to another level!  Bring the mind and body together as one.   This package Includes two E-Books designed to enhance performance from multiple aspects of fitness, strength and conditioning, athletic performance, health and wellness.  Putting them both together will allow for a balanced lifestyle and overal wholistic performance.
Mind.Body.1. Cognitive Conditioning for Fitness- ISBN 978-0-578-53965-2
Is your answer yes to benefiting from any of the following:

•React quicker and more efficiently •Improve Memory

•Staying composed under pressure

•Making rapid and accurate decisions •Channel anxiety for positive use

•Stay focused and tune out irrelevant distractions


Exercise has a lot of implications on brain health but there needs to be some time of cognitive (mental) stimulation to enhance how the brain can improve.  Running on a treadmill takes little thinking.  Doing a squat takes a little more.  Where we come in we get the heart rate up, neurons firing, and brain health thriving.  These lead to a stronger/healthier brain that increases how your brain performs and can handle stressful situations.  So ask yourself does your workout GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!?!?

Applying Strength and Conditioning Programming for General Fitness Populations

This book looks to maximize attention towards optimization of the readers fitness dreams and aspirations. To achieve and attain a level of wellness that the client can truly be happy with. The author looks to have the reader accountable for ones self involvement to achieve a level of human performance, and a strategic healthy approach to becoming strong in all facets of life.

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